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Washington D.C. The Smithsonian Institute

Landmarks - The White House, The Capitol, Vietnam Vetreans Memorial and more. Museums- The Unitesd States Holocaust Museum and More. The Smithsonian Institute - Seperate Guides To Each Buildings Points Of Interest - The National Sports Gallery, The Washington D.C Convention Center and more.
Welcome to the 2000 Washington guide to the Smithsonian Institute. Click on the pictures to find out more about our featured Smithsonian exhibits or scroll down and select a Smithsonian Museum you'd like to know more about.  Find out about other currently running exhibits and inside tips to make your trip more enjoyable.



Mary Cassatt
This exhibition, on display at the National Gallery of Art June 6-Sept. 6, 2000, presents the most comprehensive survey in more than twenty-five years of the work of Mary Cassatt, one of the most important women painters of the 19th century. The Philadelphia-born Cassat eventually settled in Paris and became a kindred spirit of the leading French modernists. The exhibit will include approximately 45 paintings and ten color prints. Information (202) 737-4215.

Hands On Science Hands on Science

This exhibit at the National Museum of American History is a huge hit with parents and kids. In this interactive exhibit, kids can conduct one of over twenty-five science experiments. Since it is part of the Smithsonian Museum, the Hands on Science exhibit is free of charge.

Air & Space Museum
The Air & Space Museum is one of the essential stops on a visit to Washington D.C. It is the most visited museum in the world for good reason, as exhibits like the Wright Brothers’ plane, the Apollo 11 command module and IMAX movies never fail to captivate young and old alike.

Arts & Industry Building
Site of James Garfield’s inaugural Ball, the Arts and Industries Building houses changing exhibits from other Smithsonian Museums as well as its own
collection of Victorian era machinery.

The Freer Gallery of Art
The Freer Gallery of Art is a member of the Smithsonian Family of Museums and Galleries. It contains over 26,000 works of art from Japan, China and the Far East.

The Hirshhorn Museum
and Sculpture Gallery

The Hirshhorn Museum houses the Smithsonian’s collection of modern and contemporary art. The drum-shaped building is located next to the Air and Space Museum and has a fascinating sculpture garden across the street.  

National Postal Museum
A new member to the Smithsonian Family of Museums and Galleries, the National Postal Museum chronicles the history of the U.S. mail. Complete with interactive displays, models and over 55,000 stamps the National Postal Museum has activities for visitors of all ages.

National Museum of Natural History
The National Museum of Natural History chronicles the development of man, animals and nature from prehistoric times to the present. Exhibits include fossils, a living coral reef and of course the Hope diamond. Kids will love the writhing O. Orkin Insect Zoo.


     National Museum of American History
The National Museum of American History helps the Smithsonian earn the nickname of  "the nation’s attic". One can view the momentos of a nation ranging from the flag that inspired " The Star Spangled Banner" to Fonzie’s leather jacket.

National Gallery Of Art
The National Gallery of Art is a world-renowned collection of American and European paintings, sculptures and graphic arts. Separated by 4th street on the National Mall, the National Gallery is divided into the West Building and the East Building designed by I.M. Pei.

National Museum of African Art
The National Museum of African Art is a Smithsonian museum dedicated to the art of sub-Saharan Africa. Located next to the Castle on the National Mall, the National Museum of African Art has over 7,000 artifacts in its collection.

National Portrait Gallery
Along with the National Museum of American Art, The National Portrait Gallery is located in the beautiful Old Patent Office just off the National Mall. The Gallery’s exhibitions focus on American history and the art of portraiture.

Smithsonian Institution Building
The Smithsonian Institution Building, better known as the Castle, is a Norman-style red sandstone building on the National Mall. It is the first Smithsonian building ever built, and now houses the Smithsonian Information Center.

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